Story of my Heritage

This is my final bachelor project that I’ve designed in early 2017. My family has an interesting story. My great grandfather lived during both of the world wars and his family died from artillery bombardment during WWII. After he recovered, he started a new family, but little did he know, his baby son was alive and healthy. This baby later on became my grandfather, but now two separated branches of a family never came together.

This project is a perfect example of how to use a visual communication design in order to solve an uncommon problem. The main goal of it was to bring two separated branches of a family together using a common story that unites them both. The challenge was to create a story that shows the real reason why we grew apart so we could have a common understanding and a reason for dialog.


The content I had was pictures and a story that my grandmother told me. But pictures on their own aren’t that intriguing. However filming isn’t an option too, since many people in the story have already passed away. That’s why a decision was made to animate already existing old family pictures using parallax technique to make a movie, which could potentially move older people in a family in emotional way. And in order to improve storytelling I’ve also decided to turn this story into a story of world war I and II. In result the story was well rated and posted on a facebook group.

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