Forensic science
center of Lithuania

Forensic Science Centre of Lithuania (FSCL) is a governmental institution of public administration. Its main task is to carry out forensic examinations required by courts and other pre-trial investigation institutions. The main activities of FSCL include forensic examinations, research, methodical work, training of experts and recognition of qualifications.

Because this was a semi-real project, I’ve talked with a client myself and this is what I’ve learned:

Most of employees are from mid-aged to old and most of the forensic experts have a PhD. The general theme of the work they do is quite dark and serious, because they perform forensic examinations on very serious crimes like stab wounds, drugs, gun shots, car crashes, document forgery and more. Their organization has very little to do with commerce of any type so they do not have a need for budget for expensive and fancy visual communication.


So because the client wanted something less associated with history and more with the future, I came up with the idea of a labyrinth. The idea was to merge the letter “e” together with a labyrinth or a fingerprint. The letter “e” was chosen because it represents the word “expertise”. While the labyrinth represents the searching for a way out of a complicated mystery and case. And because this is a science center, the letter “e” is right in the center of that labyrinth. Another reason why I chose a labyrinth as an idea was because I think it’s a far better symbol than a microscope or a fingerprint. The former two have become cliche  over time and it felt wrong to limit their whole organization to just one form of examination while there are so many others. The client liked this idea and as a result this logo reached the finals of 3.

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