Active Youth

Active Youth is a Lithuania-based for-purpose organisation that unites young leaders, thinkers and doers, those who seek change and those who make change. Their goal is to create social, cultural and educational impact for groups and communities in need. They do it through organising and getting involved in youth mobility/training; as well as improving infrastructure and opportunities around them.

This was a design challenge that I did for this company. They wanted me to improve upon their already existing website UX without telling me about any of their goals, problems or needs. There was no need for UI design, but I’ve decided to do it anyway for my portfolio after this challenge was complete. After filling up an empathy map I discovered that their users need a quick and simple way to find opportunities that might change their and other people’s lives.


First I’ve decided to learn more about their hypothetical user. I’ve done so by filling up an empathy map and I figured that it fits a typical millennial pretty well. Since they really care about opportunities to volunteer and travel I’ve decided to put them in the hero section.  Assuming I’ve managed to grab users’ attention, I wanted to present the company in a way that it would sound trustworthy and confirm their users’ first impressions.  I’ve clearly presented what the company does and where their users can join. Since they have a landing page for each of their services which describes them in detail, for call to action I’ve decided to make it a newsletter section as it makes sense in terms of marketing the most. After that I’ve designed an UI part for the website. Since they don’t have a well designed brand identity system, their website looks a little bit generic. Therefore I’ve tried to design something more eye pleasing, but still neutral, so that it would fit more with what they have already. As a result, even though the company saw only the UX part of design, they said they love it.

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